Tanzania Artisanal Biochar Carbon Removal

A woman collecting soil in a purple bucket


In August 2023, BioFlux started working with two partners to support the growth and financial sustainability of ongoing biochar efforts in Tanzania.

Together with our local and international partners, BioFlux is tailoring the project design to best reflect thelocal context, accounting for ongoing efforts and local challenges.

Thanks to our local partner, over 1,000 farmers have already been trained to produce and apply biochar. Currently, BioFlux is developing a context-specific project design. The aim being to certify the project, allowing our local partners and partnering farmers to get paid through carbon financing.

Biochar will be produced using agricultural wastes including corn cobs, coconut shells, sunflower stalks and more.

The project is expected to be kicked-off at the start of 2024.

Key facts and figures:

  • Number of participating villages: 91
  • Project size: 20,000 ha
  • Biomass quantity: ~7.500 t/y
  • Regions: Mara, Morogoro, Iringa, Songwe, Rukwa
  • Types of biomass: maize stalks, corn cobs, rice husks, sunflower stalks, branch pruning, etc.
VAT: BE1000.122.062
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