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Carbon Removal

Putting Your Waste to Work 

At BioFlux, we’re committed to creating a low-carbon future. We develop
tailor-made pyrolysis solutions, to remove carbon, transform waste into value, and make your supply chain sustainable. 

We produce renewable energy and carbon-negative biochar, making your

waste the key to reducing your carbon footprint. 


Work with us to develop your pyrolysis project and join BioFlux in building a
net-zero economy. 

The Four Elements of our Net-Zero Solution 

It begins with...

Pyrolysis Technologies

We help implement cutting-edge pyrolysis technologies to make waste streams a profitable, useful, and carbon negative powerhouse. 

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This produces...


Biochar is a carbon-negative building block resulting from the pyrolysis of biomass. This stable carbon sink offers a wide range of environmental co-benefits, making it one of the most promising carbon removal technologies on the market.


This ensures...

Energy Independence

Our solution helps companies produce renewable energy from their own waste streams, reducing their reliance on
fossil fuel-based energy.

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It also generates ... 

Carbon Credits

We helps certify biochar to create long-term carbon sinks that generate carbon credits, creating additional value for your carbon removal journey.


We create value

We unlock the potential of your supply chain to produce entirely new revenue streams
from your waste.

We deliver

We work to deliver investment ready solutions for high-impact carbon removal projects. 

We create partnerships

We work with a wide range of partners and industry experts to ensure the success of your project.

We support you

Our dedicated team will be with you every step of the way, from project inception to operation. 

  • We answer all your questions.

    30 min

  • Let us understand your needs.

    1 hr

  • Let's all learn together.

    1 hr 30 min



We empower biochar heroes around the world



We create value from biomass waste streams

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