Development of commercial strategy for sale of biochar produced by Carbonloop

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Carbonloop is a leading project development firm in the French biochar and renewable energy industry.

By 2030, Carbonloop strives to have over 100 sites in operation across the French territory.

Carbonloop worked with BioFlux to develop a commercial strategy, and secure sales for the produced biochar. The collaboration lasted a total of 10 months and played a vital role in enlarging Carbonloop’s visibility on the French market.

Work delivered by BioFlux:

  • Developed a company-specific market study for the sale of biochar;
  • Defined a competitive base price for biochar;
  • Created a comprehensive customer database;
  • Helped Carbonloop establish commercial links with target prospects.

Based on the work delivered by BioFlux in 2022, Carbonloop is currently engaging in various field trials with France's leading manufacturer of potting soils and mulches for professionals in horticulture, nurseries, landscaping and market gardening.

VAT: BE1000.122.062
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