Albania Artisanal Biochar Carbon Removal

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In May 2023, the BioFlux team visited the country of Albania to set up a biochar carbon removal project in the Balkans.

BioFlux liaised with variety of local stakeholders including farmers, farming cooperatives, commoditytraders, university research centres and an international development agency.

Together with our local partners, AgriNet (farming cooperative) and GIZ (German InternationalDevelopment Agency), we engaged with 350 farmers in the Korçë County to start producing biocharusing their agricultural waste streams. The project will focus on transforming orchard prunings intobiochar, rather than being incinerated as is currently being done.

Due to the seasonality of the crop rotation, the project will be kicked-off in February 2024.

BioFlux is currently working with the different project partners to:

  • Develop and confirm the business structure;
  • Design the project operational plan (biomass collection, biochar production and application);
  • Develop and translate the training materials to be shared with farmers;
  • Design trials, with the Korçë university of agriculture, regarding adequate biochar application;
  • Design and build the required Pyrolysis technology (TLUD);
  • Prepare the deployment of the technology.
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