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How do we ensure the legitimacy of these carbon credits?

Credits are verified by third parties according to international standards, ensuring that the emission reductions are real, measurable, and permanent.

What types of projects are supported by purchasing carbon credits?

Projects include renewable energy, forest conservation, energy efficiency, and methane capture, among others.

How are the prices of carbon credits determined?

Prices are influenced by market supply and demand, the type of project, location, and the quality of the credits.

Who verifies carbon credits from carbon removal projects?

Carbon credits from carbon removal projects are verified by independent third-party verification bodies that are accredited to international standards such as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or the Gold Standard.

These verification bodies assess the project against strict standards to ensure the removals are real, measurable, additional, permanent, and verified.

What are the benefits of carbon removal over other forms of carbon offsetting?

Carbon removal offers several advantages over other forms of carbon offsetting, such as avoided deforestation or renewable energy projects.

First, carbon removal directly removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, while other forms of offsetting typically prevent emissions from occurring in the first place. Second, carbon removal can address historical emissions that have already been released, while other forms of offsetting only address future emissions.

Finally, carbon removal technologies have the potential to achieve negative emissions, which means they can remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than they emit.

What are the benefits of buying carbon credits from BioFlux?

BioFlux is a globally operating organization with hands-on experience in the field.

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