Biochar education for local youth

Picture with children sitting on the floor

Fueling the biochar revolution through the power of STEAM-education!

Last week we were invited by GLUON BXL to give a biochar production and application workshop to 15 local teenagers at Transforma ´Innovation Playground’.

Participants were challenged to use AR/VR to help companies visualise their solution.

Over the course of the week, one of the participants developed a visual tool to showcase the benefits of biochar using Virtual  Reality, a true blending of technology and education to promote biochar carbon removal! We firmly believe in empowering future generations.

Witnessing the younger generation's deep understanding and excitement about the importance of biochar was truly inspiring. Each one of the participants now possess knowledge of the role biochar can play in contributing to a climate-intelligent society!

Their remarkable ability to create a virtual world opened opportunities to make the benefits of biochar more accessible for a wider audience, highlighting the power of multidisciplinary collaboration.

Being at the core of this emerging market, we embrace every opportunity to raise awareness about the wonders of biochar.

Join us on this exciting journey as we continue exploring opportunities to combine Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) to cultivate a greener and more resilient future!

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