Biomass identification and biochar application for Pyrocore

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Pyrocore is a leading pyrolysis technology supplier from the United Kingdom. Pyrocore first worked with BioFlux to identify biomass waste streams produced by the European food and beverage industry, the goal being to strengthen the supplier’s competitive edge by tackling complex feedstocks.

This first collaboration led to the identification of 4 new biomass, which were tested by the Pyrocore teamvat their Bristol-based testing facility. Next, BioFlux was tasked with analysing laboratory results for the produced biochar.

This collaboration is ongoing.

Both parties recently entered a new collaboration, focused on biochar applications in developing biochar market in the Middle East and Western Asia.

Once operational, the project will produce 2.100 tons of biochar and 18.9 GWh/year of thermal energy, the project is also expected to generate approximately 5.145 tons of CO2eq in carbon credits.

As part of Pyrocore’s ongoing discussions with various parties, BioFlux was tasked with:

  • Identifying the most desirable biochar characteristics for local soil conditions;
  • Defining adequate biochar and fertiliser mixing recipe’s;
  • Defining biochar application methods that most benefit the local context;
  • Reviewing past and present biochar application trials in the region;
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